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Home Health Care organizations throughout the country are preparing themselves to meet the future challenges of a rapidly changing home health care system.

To remain competitive, organizations must often revisit their agency mission, to improve the quality of services and maintain their fiscal viability.

To do this effectively, we suggest you consider the benefits of accreditation for your agency.

Brad Reiner, Owner, My Visting Nurse

After a lot of research we decided to take hard earned money and start a home health agency. Everyone knows that you have to be careful on how you spend every penny of your capital or you will loose it all. That's common sense, but what are the smart investments you should make when spending your precious startup money? One of the first decisions you have to make is whether to go it yourself, buy box policy and procedures, or hire a consultant firm. I cannot stress enough that I think a good consultant firm will save you a lot of time and money. After considering the alternatives, we chose 21st Century. We thank God we did. I know I am giving a testimony, but this is what I believe. I'm convinced that picking 21st century has been one of the best business decisions we ever made. It truly feels like you have close family members in the business who know what they are doing and want you to succeed.

Rosemary Ombewa, Owner, Nurse Plus Home Care Solutions,LLC

We were Accredited with no Deficiencies. We want to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire team at 21st Century for the relentless assistance and support you have shown and provided to us during this rigorous Medicare Accreditation process. We understand the journey has just began and we couldn't be more proud to partner with such dedicated team. We are very happy to be where we are at this time in the process, and hoping for even greater moments working together.

Eva LaBeau, Owner, Prestigious Senior Home Care

I would like to thank you 21st Century for the help that was provide it to us by your team. I would never own this skilled home health agency without your help. We passed CHAP without any deficiencies. Ever since I hired your company, it has given me comfort to know someone was at the other end who helped me through every bump on this road, pulled me out of every situation that I couldn’t handle. We had no worries because we knew help was just a phone call away. We are at the end of this journey. We are now waiting for our provider number. We will be ever great full for 21st Century and we are signing up for life with you soon.

Roxanne Shaw, Owner, Ascent Home Health and Hospice

Thanks to the staff at 21st Century for guiding us through the process of starting and becoming a CHAP accredited agency. The knowledge and support that you have provided has made our journey a pleasant and rewarding one. I want to especially acknowledge Mike Wolff our account manager who has been exceptional to work with. He has been readily available for questions and always finds a solution. During our survey we needed a document immediately and urgently. I emailed Mike, and within seconds, it was available to me! Now that's what I call outstanding service! Carol Anderson has also gone above and beyond to be helpful to us. She has been on her laptop in between flights emailing me information in response to my questions. She has truly been a blessing and I could not have made it through this process without her. I would definitely recommend 21st century to anyone needing the services they provide.

Gloria Hunter, Owner, Infinity Healthcare Services

I just had to tell you that 21 Century has been such a blessing to me. The staff that you have is just the best, I have never met people so willing and dedicated to help others. My new BFF is April Johnson, she is fantastic wow! That lady answers all my questions promptly and she is just about the friendliest and supportive person I have ever met besides myself. I received my license and I am ready to sore like an eagle thanks to you all. God bless you and I pray God continues to give you and your family the strength to continue blessing others through your business, may he continue to bless your health, and may he keep you in his bosom always, as he gives you long life and prosperity. Please extend my greeting to the rest of my family, because that is who you guys are to me now. God bless you

Jeffrey T. Smith, President, Therapy Home Health Services

Thank you all at 21st Century Healthcare Consultants. We could not have done it without you! I look forward to our continued support from your company.

Matt & Rose Omofoma, Blessed Home Health Care Agency, LLC

Thank you, 21 Century for your help and support throughout this process.  Your staff, each and everyone has been awesome.  What a wonderful organization! We’ll remember to recommend you highly to others.

Yodalys Sierr-Perez, ADM, Yodalys Home Health Corp

We are thankful for having you and your staff by our side. We appreciate everything you have done for us. Thank you, Thank You, Thank you.

Tushar P Lothe, ADM, Golden Age Home Health Care, LLC

Zero Deficiencies!!!! All Clear with CHAP!!!! Thank you- 21st CENTURY Family- We appreciate all you do!

Ruth Mugo, ADM., Trinity Home Healthcare, LLC

We really appreciate the work of 21st century. I have a number of people who have called me to ask about your company, and I do give them a strong recommendation. You can give Pasha my cell #: 317-496-6040 and anyone else who willing to know more about you company and I am going to “preach good news”.

Emily Lipton, ADM, Luxor Health Services

21st Century Consultants were excellent. If you are looking for the experts on Medicare Accreditation, look no further. We could not have achieved accreditation with NO Deficiencies without them.

Jerry Uwajeh CEO, Ace Health Care Services

I have had numerous Home Health Consultants and without hesitation I would recommend 21st Century Consultants. They go beyond the expected and provide a level of professionalism that is very hard to find.

Joel Joseph, CEO, Total concept Home Health Agency

We have used 21st Century Consultants services since 1998. They are excellent. We are very happy with all they have done for us.

Joseph Fagbohun, CEO, Alpha Links Health Care Services

You can be sure of truly professional, prompt and quality service. We accomplished our Medicare Accreditation because we did what they told us to do.

Felix Meduka, Joystar Home Health

My Agency received prompt and professional services. Thank you, I could not ask for more.

Michael Ani, CEO, All American Health Care

Very commendable service. They helped us get CHAP Accreditation and Medicare Certification. I am completely satisfied and will recommend them to anyone.

Javier Sepalveda CEO, A Beautiful day Health Care

Very informative and knowledgeable on the Medicare Accreditation Process. They know their stuff. They made this easy for us.

Georgia Sumonu, DON, Prestige Nursing Services, Inc

Everything was right. With their help we were accredited with no deficiencies. I recommend their services.

Helen Chuikwujekwu ADM, CEO, Relief Healthcare Services

21ST Century Consultants is very effective at what they do. They go above and beyond what is expected. Great person to person relationship. They truly do care. With their help I was accredited and received a perfect survey.

Eyemi Ogunfeitimi, Adm, Esteem Home Health, Inc.

Very good consultants. They will help you and get you ready for accreditation. I recommend their services.

Cletus Ogbona, Owner, All Your Home Health

They were very helpful to us in all areas of home care. You will not be disappointed.

Angela Boutte, ADM, Unity Care Home Health

Our agency was accredited with NO Deficiencies. We attribute this to their great work. If, you need them, they are available.

Doris & Paul Osemwota, Adm, Empathy Health Care, Inc.

They are always available and full of encouragement. I highly recommend their services. Without them we could not have achieved CHAP Accreditation.

Jocelyn Perez, Administrator, Florida Home Health agency

Felt comfortable working with 21st Century. They were very professional and helpful in all areas. The manuals and self-study materials were excellent.

Ana Suarez, Administrator, Faith Health Care

21st Century are former CHAP surveyors with a lot of experience. We liked working with them. We passed the inspection and had no problems. The manuals were very helpful.

Charlie Buhay, Administrator, BIO Home Health Services, Inc.

21st Century Accreditation is doing a great job. Rosina and John are very helpful to me in providing all the assistance I need to be in compliance with CHAP requirement. The Policies and Procedures Manual and Self-study materials are very helpful to our organization not only to meet the CHAP requirement but to attain a higher standard of service. I am highly recommending 21st Century Accreditation to prepare for CHAP accreditation. You can rely on them!!

Rhonda Gieb, Administrator, Legacy Home Health

21st Cent gives you everything you need. If you ask them a question and they have the answer.

Gelys Rios, Administrator, Divine Home Health

They were former Chap site auditors. Very knowledgeable, professional and provided all the materials needed. The manuals (policies and procedures/self-studies) were very good.

Patricia Penilla, Administrator, St. Isabel Home Health

DADS was in for my survey. I had no discharge summary on a client and Consultants fixed the deficiency for me. They stand by you always. They will update policies on the spot for a surveyor. Everything is installed in the computer for quarterly input. Took a lot of headaches away from me. They are very good at answering the phone-get back to you the same day. When DADS came to audit her John was answering her calls promptly and directed her to the correct policies.

Marietta Aglisio , Administrator, Magnificat Homehealth Services

They are readily available anytime you need them and are willing to provide referrals to other resources to assist in the establishment of your agency.

Adizat Akinbayo, Administrator, Nissi Home health Care Agency

Your services has always been awesome. The lectures at the seminar were fantastic and precise. Please keep it up. You are among the best of the best.

Debra Moturi, Administrator, Rapido Home Health

Excellent company. 21st Century brought everything needed, all necessary materials. ” It was like they gave you a Bible.” They are always available even on weekends.

Orlando Rios, CEO, Divine Home Health

It was a great experience working with 21st Century Consultants. Very thorough. Prepared self-study and went through it page by page with you.

Angie Amper, Administrator, Steadfast Home Companion Services

We have had two experiences with unprofessional consultants in the past. Until we were blessed with 21st Century Consultants. They saved us. If not for them we would not have been accredited.

Aaron Lewis, Administrator, Renew Home Health

Thanks so much all of you at 21st Century!! We could not have done it without you! That is a common phrase people use, but in this case is absolutely true.

Angela Baxter, Administrator, Texas Acceptance Home Healthcare

21st Century Team, I want to send a special thanks out to the 21st Century Team for working diligently to help us pass our site survey. They were with us every step of the way, to insure we were equipped with everything necessary to pass our survey and We DID!!! I recommend 21st Century Team to anyone who is considering or in the process of starting a home healthcare or hospice agency.

Joyce Jumbo, Administrator, Bonnie Crest Home Health Care

It is our pleasure to tell everyone how professional you are, and how you have helped us achieve success through your immense knowledge about home health certification and your dependability whenever we need you. We recommend 21st Century to anybody who wants to start a home health care agency.

Mercy Ejiofor, Administrator, Mercris Home Health Inc

Thanks to 21st Health Care Consultants Century we are CHAP Accredited for Medicare Certification. Truly marvelous/excellent work on your part. My agency will always remain with you. Long Live 21st Century Health Care Consultants ; Long Live the management team. Greatest Thanks to Almighty GOD.

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