Home Health Care Training

We are the only consulting company that offers a Lifetime Home Health Care Training and Support Program.


We provide lifetime training for Home Health, Home Care, Hospice, and Infusion Therapy agencies. This is available to all of our clients on an ongoing basis. We assure our clients will succeed in this growing industry by providing all of the tools and resources your Home Health Care Agency needs.

The goal of our training program is for you to leave our seminar ready to hit the ground running and launch your very own Home Health Care Agency.

Home Health Care Training Commitment

We are the only Home Health Care Consulting Company to offer a Lifetime Training and Support Program.

Our home health care training program and its forever concept mean that your Home Health Care Agency can attend our training seminars for as long as your Home Health Care Agency wants to attend our classes.

Our training courses are designed to cover all administrative functions of your Home Health Care Agency.

Oasis and Coding Training

We also recognize the need for education in the area of Coding and Oasis Training. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive training program to assist you with improving your skills and enhancing your Medicare Reimbursement possibilities. Our Coding and Oasis Training Seminar will teach you how to accurately complete a Comprehensive Patient Assessment. The Oasis Assessment is intended to assess all aspects of the patient’s needs and design a Plan of Care to allow the patient to attain the maximum level of wellness and improve their quality of life. Correctly completing a Comprehensive Assessment of your patients is essential for you agency to provide quality Healthcare.


Home Care Training Outline

Clinical Care Training Oasis Training Being the Boss Training Software Training
OASIS-TRAINING-SESSION OasisTraining2-2 Being-the-Boss-Training-2 SOFTWARE-TRAINING-2
Business Development, Marketing & Customer Services Training Patient Resources: Insurance Providers & HMO Training Home Health Billing Training Home Health Accounting Presentation
BusinessDevelopment PATIENTRESOURCES-2 Home-Health-Billing-Training-2 Home-Health-Accounting-Presentation-2

Home Health Care Topics Covered

  • Welcome to Home Health Care
  • Why Home Health Care/li>
  • Medicare 101
  • Home Health Care Required Documentation
  • Home Health Care Clinical Care
  • Home Health Care Patient Assessment
  • How to take a Home Health Care Referral
  • Doctors Orders

  • How to Complete a 485 / Plan of Care
  • Home Health Care Nurses Notes/li>
  • Home Health Care Oasis Documentation
  • Required Evaluations
  • Home Health Care Infection Control
  • Home Health Care Bag Technique
  • Home Health Care Ethics
  • Being the boss

  • Roles and responsibilities of the Administrator / Director of Nursing
  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Home Health Care Patient Resources
  • Home Health Care Accounting
  • Human Resources / Personnel File Requirements
  • Software Solutions for your Home Health Care Business
  • Home Health Care Billing

Home Care University Training Seminars

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student6 student7 student8 student9 student10